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Welcome to Travel 2 English!

Dear students,

Welcome to the blog we will be using during this course! Here, you will find awesome exercises to practice your English at the same time that you will have a good time using your computer!
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jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

UNIT 1: Welcome on board!

Shall we start with the course?

In this unit you will learn all you need to know to travel around the world! Get ready to discover new places to visit and online resources to plan your ideal trip!

In this unit you will learn:

    • Vocabulary related to travel
    • How to use the Present Perfect Simple and used to

You'll be able to: 

    • Talk about your travel experiences
    • Arrange your ideal trip
    • Listen to and understand conversations
    • Write a postcard to a friend
    • Read articles and advertisements about holidays

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

Listening I

1) Let's start with our first activity! Go to this link where you will find a video in which different people tell us their opinion and personal experience of some cities they have visited. 
Once you have listened to it, try to complete the following multiple-choice test:

1. Which cities can you hear?
     a. London, San Francisco and Madrid
     b. London, Hawaii and Paris
     c. San Francisco, London and Mallorca

2. Where is Sven from?
     a. Germany
     b. Spain
     c . England

3. According to Simonne, how is London described?
     a. Diverse, warm and expensive
     b. Diverse, busy and beautiful
     c. Beautiful, cold and noisy

4. In which city were they celebrating the Chinese New Year?
     a. Bangkok
     b. Accra
     c. San Francisco

5. Which two cities are said to have great food?
     a. Accra and Bangkok
     b. San Francisco and Accra
     c. Mallorca and Bangkok

6. To which continent should people travel at least once in life?
     a. America
     b. Europe
     c. Africa

7. Which of the following is the most expensive city?
     a. London
     b. Mallorca
     c. Bangkok

8. Which city is known for having very friendly people?
     a. London
     b. Bangkok
     c. Accra

9. Which city has an incredible landscape?
     a. San Francisco
     b. Tahiti
     c. Accra

10. What does "like heaven on earth" mean?
     a. You are having a good time
     b. Something is beautiful
     c. A very expensive city

In order to answer this activity, send to our email address ( a document with the right answers. 
What do you think about the video? Was it too difficult for you? Add your comments!!

lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Listening II

1) If you want to learn about interesting places to visit in London, watch the video from this link, in which a boy gives information about sightseeing, means of transport, culture and much more!

There you will find some questions and exercises about the video.  

You can answer the questions and check if they are right. Let us know if you found it difficult here in the comments! 
Good luck!

jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Speaking I

1) Josh, Anita and Jared had already talked about their favourite cities. Now, we want to know about your experiences! Think of all the cities that you have visited and tell us about your favourite one.

Here you have some questions that can help you for your speaking practice:
- What is your favourite city?
When did you visit that city?
How long did you stay?
With whom did you go?
What did you do there (holidays, sightseeing, visiting friends or family...)?
Why did you like it (buildings, culture, nature, food, people...)?

To do it, click on this link (vocaroo) and record your voice. Then, send it to our email address ( We're looking forward to listening to your opinions!

miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Speaking II

1) Now that you have learned some vocabulary about travelling it's time to put it into practice. You must create a dialogue with two speakers (A and B) in which a client wants to book a room in a hotel.
This activity is individual and you will have to perform both parts of the dialogue (client and receptionist).
In order to do this, you must click on the following link and construct the dialogue according to the information shown in the pictures.

To do it, click on this link (vocaroo) and record your voice. Then, send it to our email address ( We're looking forward to listening to your dialogues!

lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

Vocabulary I

1) Read the following texts and notice the words in bold. 

Ticket agent:   Good morning! Can I help you?
Customer:   I want to buy two train tickets.
T A:  Where are you going?
C:      I’m going to Manchester.
TA:   When are you going to make the journey?
C:     The 3rd of May.
TA:   Will you return on the same day?
C:      Yes, it’s only a daytrip.
TA:    First or economy class?
C:      Is it very expensive to travel on first class?
TA:   There isn’t much difference.
C:      I want to buy two tickets for the 3rd of May, first train in the morning and last in the evening. Can I take the luggage with me?
TA:   Yes, but you also have some space provided for leaving it.
C:      Ok. Can you tell me please which platform and carriage do I have to take?
TA:   That information will be shown on the screen at the train station.
C:     Thank you very much.

The crew was getting ready to take off when a flight attendant saw a nervous old lady standing with her backpack in the middle of the aisle. She didn’t know where to sit and she looked very anxious. The flight attendant approached her and asked her if everything was okay. The old lady answered that she had planned a city break to Manchester to visit her newborn grandson. It was the first time that she was flying and she wasn’t able to find her seat. The flight attendant told her that it was a budget airline so she could choose any available seat but… that was a flight to London! She had mistaken the gate

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Josh was sick and tired of his hometown: he was surrounded by farms, green lands and animals. He was graduated in business studies and dreamt of affluence, high buildings and crowded cities. One day, he decided to leave that world to start a new life. He went to the airport and bought a ticket to Chicago. As soon as he saw the cabin of his plane and the long runway of the airport, he felt very excited. He couldn’t believe that he was already in Chicago! Once he left the plane and he went through the customs, he realized that there was no return!
2) Now, click on this link and complete the wordsearch about travel. 

Let us know the time it took you in the comments below. Who is the fastest? Have fun!